Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wendell Stars on Animal Planet's Puppy Games... Sorta

Remember Puppy Bowl (alternative programming for non-Super Bowl fans)? Well, Animal Planet is planning to broadcast Puppy Games during the Olympics (for those who tire of the traditional human sports). They filmed it yesterday -- and Wendell got to tag along with his new Bichon Frise pal Jack. Jack's mom works with Bichon rescue, and they were invited to nominate a participant -- so Jack is a real local hero for being picked!

Wendell watched the monitor as two Westies engaged in the age-old Roman games tradition of
sniffing butts in greeting. They were about to compete in the swimming competition.

Like all the puppies, first Wendell had to get checked out by the vet to make sure he is a-ok to compete in Animal Planet's Puppy Games. He got a clean bill of health!

It will be exciting to see Jack compete when the show airs during the summer!! Wendell can say "he was there!"

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