Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Visit to Winterthur's Enchanted Woods

I had another big, busy day on my boondoggle. My foster mom Susan used to work at a place in Delaware called Winterthur Museum & Country Estate. We visited there and explored the children's garden, known as Enchanted Woods. Dogs aren't normally allowed -- but of course they made an exception for ME!

The entire Winterthur Garden is 60+ acres, and Enchanted Woods is nestled in a beautiful area
known as Oak Hill, with great towering trees.

There are all sorts of wonderful features, such as the Tulip Tree House (made from an old
Tulip Poplar on the estate).

There's also a Faerie Cottage, Acorn Tea Room and Magical Mushrooms (when kids enter
the fairy ring, mist rises from the mushrooms). Harvey, the enchanted frog, even greeted me at Water's Edge. Nice guy!

There were SO many fun things to see, including a GIANT Bird's Nest with really big eggs. I even made a wish in the wishing well (but I'm not telling what it was -- or it might not come true).

The rest of the garden and estate are beautiful too. I decided to ride this nice seahorse fellow at the Reflecting Pool -- and check out the friendly goose who decided to come on over for a chat! Such a beautiful day!

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