Friday, February 29, 2008

I Been Ack-U-Punctured!

My new foster mom, Gail, took me to the vetspital today. No, don't get scared, I'm not sick or anything. My foster brudder, Rudolph, had to have some dental work done, and the vet went ahead and gave me a physical, just in case. She said I was doing so much traveling that she wanted to make sure I didn't pick up any nasty germs that might make a houndie sick.

Dr. Cook was very nice -- she made sure I was in tip-top shape.

She even gave me some ack-u-puncture for my stiff muscles from all that traveling.

It looks scary, but I really feel great now!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Funny Looking Hound

I arrived in Burr Hill, Virginia, yesterday, but my foster mom, Gail, wasn't home. The nice postman left a note, and she is going to pick me up this morning (she only lives a short distance up the road). So I've been relaxing at the Post Office Hotel (the accommodations are okay, but they need to work on room service). I had a good snooze and have been dreaming about everything I'll see here in Virginny. My foster family has all sorts of funny looking houndsies... check out the one with the pretty girl houndie in the photo. She's named "baby goat" -- and her ears look properly soft and floppy, but those legs are definitely too long and skinny. My new foster sister, Penny, is certainly giving her a good sniffing...

I can't wait to meet all the different "hounds" here -- I'll post about them later. Gotta go get those postal workers moving now. Wonder if they have breakfast ready yet??

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wendell's Waddle Watch for March

Right now, I'm flying north on U.S. Postal Air to Fredericksburg, Virginia, where I'll be celebrating a really nice two-legger's birfday. Her name is Stephanie, and she wanted to spend her big day with ME! Isn't that great??!! She's clearly one classy human -- with excellent taste in birfday bassets!!

While I'm "travelin,'" I thought I'd share details on the big waddles coming up in March. There are two that I know about, and both take place on March 15. I'll be waddling with Arizona Basset Hound Rescue in Phoenix, but there's another great event in Salt Lake City, Utah, so if you live near there, join Utah Friends of Basset Hounds and pawrade through the town! What better way to spend a Saturday than parading with a passel of pupsters!!!

At both fun fundraisers, join the post-pawrade pawty and celebrate the luck of the Irish by helping the homeless houndies who are still looking for their pot of gold -- a forever home! You could be their lucky leprechaun by bringing in the "green" and contributing a few pledge dollars.

After all, it's quite fitting for bassets to celebrate St. Paddy's Day. It's a little-known fact that we have a LOT in common with leprechauns: short stature, impish grins, mischievous tendencies, curious habit of burying our treasures, and a fondness for dressing up in funny costumes... see the resemblance?? I'm an especially petite pup, and I definitely enjoy a good practical joke, so maybe I am part leprechaun??!!

So come one, come all and Waddle with Wendell (or without -- but definitely waddle if you can) during the month of March!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Farewell Key West ... I'll Miss Ya

I can't believe how the time has flown! It seems like only yesterday I was frolicking on the beach... and now I'm wending my way northward again to my next foster family (this time in Virginia). But I had to share one last photo from my Key West adventures. My foster mom, Christine, took me to so many great locations... including the home of some guy named Hemingway. I don't know who he was, but he had a neat place. The sign didn't give a price for houndies, so I figured it must be free for me! I'm such a cultured canine!

I want to thank my foster mom, Christine, and Edgar for being such great fosters! They showed me a really fun time, and I hope I'll get to come back for a visit (and another mohito) one day!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wildlife in Key West... er, Wild Life in Key West...

I'm learning SO much about night life here in Key West!! They sure know how to pawty and have a good time.

I visited the Key West Aquarium, where they have lots of cool water critters. They're very pretty, but they don't know anything about bellyrubs. Silly fishies!

Then I stopped by a place more to my liking. I visited with Jimmy, and he taught me about this funny drink called a Raspberry Mohito! It wath kinda tathty, but me cants feel my flews...

Afta that mahita thingy, I decided I'd make a good salsa dancer.

I saw a talented tight rope walker too.

Sunset was beautiful! There's nothing like the reflection of the sun setting over the water... I like Key West!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Order (or Was That Ahrooo?) in the Court

Boy did I have an exciting Friday! I spent the day in court! No, I wasn't in trouble (honest, mom!). I went to work with my foster mom, Christine. I was an honorary legal beagle (er, basset)!

The Lester Building is where Christine works as a prosecutor with the State Attorney General's office. (Uh, oh -- guess I'd better behave now!)

I got to hang out with Christine's trial partner, Casey (shown with me in front of the Mile Marker sign, the beginning and end of Route 1).

Everyone was so nice. Christine's legal assistant, Erica, is the best!

I even got to go to court! Of course, I had to pass through security first.

I'm an honest houndie, I swear, but Deputy Marty Harbin showed me how the Taser works (it was just a demo, I promise). No hounds were harmed!

The Honorable Judge Peary Fowler invited me up to the bench at the conclusion of court. It took more than 3 hours, but I loved watching Christine in action.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Key Lime and Key West Hot Spots!

My sightseeing adventures continue... I visited Southernmost House in Key West. It's a grand hotel where five U.S. presidents have stayed. The house is a work of architectural wonder (even a plush pup can recognize that), with glorious tropical gardens and all sorts of amenities.

Plus, I got to see the southernmost point in the entire United States. That's a big deal for a little pup!

But the BESTEST part was ... Key Lime Pie!

I had a great BIG piece all to myself. I LOVE Key West!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Foster Family

I'm such a lucky houndie! My foster mom is SO nice to me. And she understands that I'm a fun-loving hound with a serious side too.

This is me with my foster mom Christine. She's clearly very smitten with me, but it's mutual, so that's okay.

This is my foster brudder Edgar. He's a senior houndie just like the ones I'm fundraising for --
except he has a SUPER forever home. He's one lucky pup!

Christine took me to visit the Key West AIDS memorial. Her uncle is listed there. I was sad for her, but then she reminded me that so many wonderful people are commemorated there. It's a very serene and beautiful place.

Her uncle is Carroll John Sledz. She told me what a kind man he was. I was honored to visit and share in his memory. I think I'd have liked him a LOT.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

One Beachin' Basset!

This Florida livin' is pretty cool! My new foster mom, Christine, picked me up at the waddle, and we headed out to Key West. I hear there are some pretty happenin' places here.

My first full day we went to Bonita Beach Dog Park. There were LOTS of dogs there! Some were pretty big, but I wasn't scared of them. It was a FUN day. Glad I put on my sunscreen though. That Florida sun can be really strong!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Suncoast Sweetheart Waddle Repawt, Part 2

I met SO many famous folks at the waddle... check it out!

I went nose-to-nose with Dr. Hollis Brown (famous for Hollis Brown University). You don't scare me, Hollis Brown!

And I got my picture taken with Wendie from Senior Houndsabound, with Dallas and Buddy.

I met Rusty and Stickers too (they're squishy -- and very photogenic).

Finally, I got a photo-op with Jim, Patti & Robin (plus Rusty & Stickers and moi, of course).

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Suncoast Sweetheart Waddle Repawt, Part 1

I had a great time at the Suncoast Sweetheart Waddle. The weather was beautiful -- sunny and in the upper 70s/lower 80s. Perfection! I want to send big ahrooos of thanks to everyone I met -- and especially to Greg and Robin for showing my such an amazing time. I can't wait til my next big waddle.

Here I am with Ken & Fonzi. Ken is from Suncoast Basset Rescue.

This is me. In a tree!

This is the adoption center and store. Robin and Greg's other foster pup, Charlie, found his forever home here. They had a LOT of basset crap too!

The place was HUGE! And filled with hundreds of hound and their hoomans. I bet there were a bizillion bassets there.

I sure felt safe sittin' with this big guy! I'm just a little guy ya know!

See what happens to bad houndies here? I made sure I was a good pup all day!

I got to see the king and queen! They were very popular!

Look at this sweetie! Her sign said, "I Brake for Love"! I was smitten!

They had a Hot Dog Toss plus a lot of other competitions too -- for Best Barker, Lowest to the Ground, Longest Ears, Best Howler (my foster brudder Andrew, a.k.a. RooRoo, came in a close second on that one!). Greg didn't think I should compete -- cause I'd win them all. So I hung out and watched.

I met SO many famous people... but that will have to wait for another post. Gotta go take a nap now. Waddling is exhausting bizness for a busy basset boy like myself.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

One Worn-Out Waddler...

I'm one pooped plush pup -- but today was SOO incredibly fun. I'll have to repawt all the news tomorrow, after I'm rested up. Meanwhile, here are a few pix to whet your appetite. Those Florida folks really know how to throw a pawty!

Here I am with Greg and Robin -- they were the bestest waddle fosters!! Thanks for the super-fun time!!!

I also got a photo with Greg & Robin alongside Rusty and Stickers and their mom-slave Patti.

Wendell Says Farewell Ted, My Friend!

It is with a heavy plush heart that I send special ahrooos and drool to my first waddle foster mom, Nancy, and to my foster brudder Speedy. I can't believe Ted (who welcomed me so sweetly and shared his doggie bed with me) has gone to the Bridge. I am so honored that I got to meet and snooze with him. He was a big kind pupster, and I will hold a special place in my heart and in my waddling memories for gentle Ted!

I know the Speedster is sad ... so I'm sending healing drool to you, my foster brudder! And to your mom and dad, who need extra snuggles and attention from you now to help their hurting hearts.

I will miss you Ted.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Surf's Up, Dude!

Greg and I took our last road trip before the waddle. Today, it was a trip to Cocoa Beach. We went to the Ron Jon Surf Shop. It was cool. Tons of hats , T-shirts, keychains, etc. We stopped and picked flowers for Robin on the way home (it's Valentine's Day after all). I had a good day.

Welcome to the Ron Jon Surf Shop. The nice people there let me try out a surf board! This place was HUGE!

This is my pal Greg. He doesn't have that silly look on his face in person (LOL)!!! We spent a lot of time together while I was here. Robin sure is lucky to have him!!!