Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Fireside Chat from Massachusetts

I'm nice and toasty warm! So I thought I'd share some memories from my recent visit to Plymouth, Massachusetts. Upon arrival, my travel box was thoroughly inspected by Emmett, Gus (beige), Calvin (orange) and Sam (grey). Then I enjoyed a nice nap with my foster brudder Stanley.

Then my foster brudder Howard gave my pack a good sniffing -- I passed inspection! Finally, we all enjoyed ready Brudder Elwood's book. I learned a LOT! How inspiring!

More later... gotta go rest up a bit!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fun in Phoenix

I spent Halloween weekend in sunny Phoenix! Well, first I was held captive at the Tolleson post office, but then my foster mom, Darlene, sprung me, and I had fun after that!

I insisted on dressing up in my warlock hat! Then we visited the Westgate Shopping Center on the way to Cardinal Stadium. The fountains were amazing!

The Cardinals weren't playing, but the stadium looked like a big blimp! As for the landscaping... why do you suppose they call this thing a succulent -- it doesn't look very tasty. I had a blast visiting Cardinal Stadium.

I even found my initial! This must be MY stadium. I think I'd be a natural player!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Wendell's Milwaukee Adventures

I was in Milwaukee recently and got to meet loads of fun people and pups.

My foster family was great! We played couch potatoes! I hung out with the other plush and porcelain pups and went to a great dog walk.

I like snuggling up to my foster brudder Charles. Bennett shared his chair too and I got to hang out with my pal Cheyenne!

It certainly has a million-dollar view!

I went to work with my foster dad Doug... I think I was a real asset!

He let me help him on the computer. I'm a pretty clever canine.