Saturday, April 19, 2008

Munching in Middleburg

Wow -- another busy day for a waddling woofer. My foster mom took me to Middleburg, Virginia, for lunch and shopping. First we stopped by Wylie Wagg, a great pet boutique with yummy goodies and fun stuff for pups like me.

I immediately spotted a few of my fellow plush pals. The first guy was T*A*L*L! He showed me his favorite treats from the bakery. Then I shared a snack with another plush pup (my new black lab buddy). I even had a chance to belly up to Hairy's Bark & Grille...

I made sure they had a valid "Licker License" and even got to sit in with the band (The Beagles, of course). We had a great jam session!

I met a pretty girl-houndie too, but my foster mom Susan said we had to go. We had a reservation at a refined establishment, The French Hound. They had a great menu, and I declared the fare Wendellicious!

That was just the START of my day. I'll share more pix and stories later. Gotta go nap now.

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