Saturday, January 3, 2009

Trip to the Movies

After I recuperated from New Years, I thought it was a good time to catch a flick. There was only one that piqued my interest...

Marley and Me of course!

Marley was a pretty rambunctious pup.
His ears were too short... but he was cute.

Saw a great trailer for Hotel for Dogs...
that's a definite must-see movie.

Woofing in the New Year

I had to celebrate the start of 2009 -- and the end of my wonderful Waddle Tour!

So I donned my red bow tie
(a Vegas gift from Auntie Dawn)
and popped open the bubbly.

My date... well... she was a great foster mom
(right Mrs. Robinson?)

I was recruited to help pull the lever
to drop the famous ball in Times Square...

Loved all the bright lights.

I gave a big ole slurp to Dick Clark.

And an even bigger smooch to
my New Years date Emme.

The next morning... well...
I slept IN!