Monday, April 28, 2008

Cast-Off Dinner at Boardwaddle!

The end had to come eventually -- but at the Boardwaddle, it's a pawty! The Cast-Off Dinner was great fun! I had fun with the Groves, who traveled all the way from Ireland!

I got to have a BIG chocolate milkshake, and then Auntie Sandy tried to put me on MooseBarb's head.

It was a SUPER Boardwaddle! They really did themselves proud for BW10!! I hope I can go again next year. It was SO much fun!


Boardwaddle Day dawned warm -- and slightly sunny! They were calling for the pawsibility of rain, but they don't know us Boardwaddlers -- we are relentless!! We STOMPED for NO RAIN NO RAIN NO RAIN NO RAIN!

I enjoyed breakfast with Auntie Kay, King George's slave and hung out with Auntie Ellie Foth too! Then I ran into Joni and Val, from Roxies!

For the actual waddle, I got to share Pw. Annie's carriage. I could see everybody!! There were so many houndies there, you wouldn't believe it!!

Annie and I even took a stroll on the beach.

Tune in tomorrow for pix from the Cast-Off Dinner in Ocean City!! It was a hoot!

More from Boardwaddle 10!

The fair Fifi was scheduled to escort Wendell to Boardwaddle. But on her way from Fwance she arrived in Orly and had so much bling that they wanted to strip search her. This brought on a terrible case of the vapors, and she had to stay home on her fainting couch. But she asked the Waddling Pwincesses from Ohio to escort Wendell for her. And they did!

Auntie Susan handed me off to my new foster mom Beth at the Basset Olympics, where I checked out Blue Berry Hill, which is where the Grand Marshall of the Boardwaddle is crowned. It's also part of the obstacle course. My new foster sister, Pw. Annie, welcomed me so sweetly.

I also met Auntie Sherrilyn, slave to Pw. Jacques! She came all the way from Columbia! I met Pw. Olive too!

I was one pooped pupster after the Olympics and slept right through the Pawction (also, I was sorta scared they might pawction me!). More tomorrow from the actual parade and picnic -- it was AMAZING!!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Let the Games Begin... Basset Olympics

I made it to the Basset Olympics -- yippee! It was a BEAUTIFUL day in Ocean City, New Jersey -- and ALL the hound-athletes were there. First I had to say hi to 2007 GM Brie.

Of course, I had to check out the medals. Channel 10 News was there and wanted an interview, but I had people to meet! All my friends and fans were there (the ladies love me)!

And of course, I wanted to get a snapshot with GM Thelma Lu! She looked so regal in her special gown!

My new foster mom Beth was real nice! And PIT Annie -- she's a beauty! I can't wait to see what's in store for me at the Pawction and Boardwaddle...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Dog's Day in Delaware

My foster mom took me with my foster brudder Toby and foster sister Daisy to Grandma's house! Toby and Daisy get to stay there while I head to Boardwaddle in Ocean City... woo hoo!

It was a beautiful day, and the cherry blossoms in Grandma & Grandpa's yard were in bloom... so naturally I had to take a sniff!

Then we took a little trip to Happy Dog, Healthy Dog (a great canine bakery that makes all their own yummy treats). I wanted to sample them all. My foster mom let me pick out my favorite... liver treats! Naturally, I wanted a chewie for the road...

Then it was back to the farm (er, Grandma and Grandpa's) for some serious tractor driving... look out OC, here I come!

My Visit to Winterthur's Enchanted Woods

I had another big, busy day on my boondoggle. My foster mom Susan used to work at a place in Delaware called Winterthur Museum & Country Estate. We visited there and explored the children's garden, known as Enchanted Woods. Dogs aren't normally allowed -- but of course they made an exception for ME!

The entire Winterthur Garden is 60+ acres, and Enchanted Woods is nestled in a beautiful area
known as Oak Hill, with great towering trees.

There are all sorts of wonderful features, such as the Tulip Tree House (made from an old
Tulip Poplar on the estate).

There's also a Faerie Cottage, Acorn Tea Room and Magical Mushrooms (when kids enter
the fairy ring, mist rises from the mushrooms). Harvey, the enchanted frog, even greeted me at Water's Edge. Nice guy!

There were SO many fun things to see, including a GIANT Bird's Nest with really big eggs. I even made a wish in the wishing well (but I'm not telling what it was -- or it might not come true).

The rest of the garden and estate are beautiful too. I decided to ride this nice seahorse fellow at the Reflecting Pool -- and check out the friendly goose who decided to come on over for a chat! Such a beautiful day!