Monday, April 7, 2008

Milwaukee Landmarks

After the fun I had at Miller, I couldn't believe my foster mom had more in store for me. We dropped my foster brothers back at home since they were sick of being in the car. But not me, I was ready for more!

We went to a market for lunch, and I met some cute girls who were selling chocolates. They smelled divine, but I knew I couldn't have any. Not only is it bad for pups, but I have a figure to keep!!

From there, we went to check out the very pretty campus of Marquette University. It's right downtown in Milwaukee, and it has some beautiful buildings and a lot of history.

The foster mom and foster grandma are big fans of their basketball team, so they took me to see the statue of their famous coach, Al McGuire. They told me he's a legendary coach who led their team to a championship in 1977.

He passed away 7 years ago, but he's still remembered by the people in Milwaukee, and they even named a gym after him.

After Marquette, we drove all the way down Wisconsin Avenue to the lakefront, following the same path Marquette students took when they were celebrating Al's team's win in 1977.

There's an orange sculpture that looked pretty tasty, but I think it was a little big for me to nibble. It's called "The Calling" was created by Mark Di Suvero. Then we visited the Milwaukee Art Museum.

The museum itself has some pretty cool things, but I was distracted by the big white bird sitting on top of it! The foster mom said that the bird is also a sculpture -- but it moves. The building was designed by Santiago Calatrava, a world-famous Spanish designer.

It was very white and pretty and clean inside, and it made a pup very nervous. While we were there, my foster mom told me she was going to see a mummy. Well, this plush pup has been on the road a long time already, and sometimes I feel a little homesick. I couldn't imagine what my mom would be doing there, but I was excited to see her!

I think I must have misheard the foster mom because the "mummy" I saw doesn't look like the Mom I remember!

On the way back to the car, we had a wonderful view of Lake Michigan, and the foster mom allowed me to take a picture so you could see the pretty background. I was very, very careful that high up on that bridge!

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