Monday, March 31, 2008

Kansas City, Here I Come

After we left the bakery, we visited the fountains and statuary in Kansas City. It was magnificent. I got away for a bit to smell the daffodils in bloom. Many of the fountains weren't going because it isn't quite warm enough. I saw a lot of neat things: a penguin, a giant boar that kinda scared me and Neptune was a little scary, but my foster mom and dad were with me all the time. The plaza is a wonderful place. I was running and jumping on everything in sight. My foster mom's favorite statue is called the Sleeping Child, in the middle of the street. In the winter, someone always puts a blanket over her. Isn't that cool?

Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Trip to Three Dog Bakery... YUMMMMM

Today, I got to visit the original Three Dog Bakery on the Plaza. WOW -- what a fun time I had meeting the people who worked there and all the customers. I told them all about my mission and what a good time I was having.

I posed outside with my foster mom Jeane! She's nice!

Wendell's foster mom Jeane here -- Wendell was quite the rascal today at Three Dog Bakery. He even got up on the counter and then we couldn't find him. You will never guess where that sneaky little guy was ....

... in the display case sampling all the goodies!

We finally tore him away from all the treats. He had a bit of frosting on his nose, but it wiped off. We bought some treats so he could enjoy some with his siblings at home.

They even let him pose in the front window.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

My New Friends in Kansas

I arrived in Kansas (my mom was worried, but I knew where I was the whole time!). I got to meet Sophie and Peanut, my new foster siblings -- and Mary Jane too. The were certainly curious about me, but we became friends quickly.

Peanut gave me a good sniffing ... Mary Jane too!

The first night, we were all excited about watching the Kansas basketball game on TV...

Of course, I got the best seat in the house. I really enjoyed cheering for Kansas.

After the game, I had a nice chat with Peanut ...

Then took a little snooze with Sophie. Nighty night!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Worried over Wendell

Wendell's mom here... our boy gave me quite the fright today. The US Postal Service online tracking indicated that my Wendell had arrived at his next destination, but when I checked with his new foster mom Jeane, he was nowhere to be found! We were both anxious that Sir "W" had gone for a "waddle-about" on his own.

He turned up this afternoon in his foster family's mailbox (only one day later than the Postal folks declared), so all is well. Though his foster mom did report that he seemed a bit miffed (his visor was down over his eyes, and he appeared to be glowering a bit over his travel delays).

How that waddling woofer makes me worry! I'm hoping the rest of his adventures in Kansas will be less stressful!

Wendell's worried mom

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wendell at the Arizona State Capitol

I got to visit the state capitol, in downtown Phoenix.

At the other end of the mall from the capitol building is the memorial to the USS Arizona, which was sunk at Pearl Harbor. This is one of the anchors from the ship.

I posed with Lizzy's & Darcy's BIG brother Chris. He has his own place in Scottsdale,
so I got to meet him. He grew up with us bassets, so he's cool.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wendell's First NBA Game

I've been a busy basset boy--and I forgot to post some of the great photos from my Arizona adventures, so here goes!

I went to the U.S. Airways Center, where we saw the Phoenix Suns play the Houston Rockets. I met some nice policemen outside who offered me a job, and inside I met the Suns' mascot, the Gorilla! He's funny. See my new Suns shirt and collar?

Inside Planet Orange, I checked out the scorers' table and the table where they keep the statistics. Everybody was very nice to me. Oh yeah, the best part of the game? Rockets 113, Suns 122. GO SUNS!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Adios, Arizona!

Tomorrow morning I will be off to my next stop on this wonderful whirlwind tour. Whew! It's been a busy time, but I have had lots of fun reminding folks in Arizona about senior basset rescue. Last night my foster family took us out to eat at a fun place called Benihana. The chef came right to our table and made all kinds of yummy stuff right there in front of us. Lizzy and Darcy had to stay home, but we made it up to them by bringing them a white box.

I got a great photo of me with my Paradise Valley family: Sherry, Chris and Clyde. Thanks for a great time!

I also got a picture of Sherry and me at the Suns game on Saturday night. Did I mention that the Suns won? Woo-hoo!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter Basset

Happy Easter! Today we went to the First Service of Easter at North Scottsdale United Methodist Church. I was a very good boy in church, Mom. I met some really nice people, including my new friend Riley, who had brought her flowers to decorate the floral cross.

Today is also Mr. Darcy's birthday! My foster mom Sherry says she can't believe he's seven already.

He got a big birthday cookie that he didn't have to share and said I was the perfect birthday guest, since I didn't want any of it! He knows how to pawty -- cookie, then nap. His big birthday cookie came from his Aunties Julie and Roberta, at the Gourmutt Bakery Company. It looked yummy! Julie and Roberta work with the Golden Retriever Connection rescue here in the valley.

I am still enjoying the Arizona sunshine. It's almost 90 today, no humidity, PAWFECT!

Rock Climbing for K9s

Don't panic, I didn't fall off the climbing wall! Fooled you, huh? I went with Sherry to a cool place called Arizona on the Rocks. It's an indoor climbing gym, and they made a nice donation to Arizona Basset Hound Rescue's Basset Ball. That's why Sherry and I were there -- to pick up the gift and thank them for helping the homeless hounds. The ball is not until September, but the AZBHR volunteers work year-round to help make it a big success. I was happy to do my petite part. The folks there knew about AZBHR, but I got to educate them about senior basset rescue, too. Sigh, a rescuer's work is never done.

My dream is that someday all bassets will have forever homes, no matter how old they are or what challenges they may face. Wouldn't that be GRAND?

Friday, March 21, 2008

Fun in the Arizona Sun

We went to the Casa de Paz y Bien, or House of Peace and Goodness. It's known as the Franciscan Renewal Center. Did you know that St. Francis is the patron saint of animals?

The wildflowers are especially lovely this spring because Arizona had such a wet winter. During the year, the casa has lots of activities for us animals, including adoption events and the Blessing of the Animals. We are always welcome there.

After that we went to the Barry Goldwater Memorial. He was Paradise Valley's most eminent resident.

I got to see one of those big cactus up close again, too. The memorial park looks toward Camelback Mountain, which doesn't have any real camels but kind of looks like one lying down. Makes a petite pup feel pretty small!

Next we visited downtown Scottsdale. Did you know that every year, the Pony
Express riders still carry the mail out here? The Hashknife Express covers 200 miles, from Holbrook to Scottsdale, delivering first-class letters. This statue is in honor of their 50th ride, which was in January. I think I might like to ride a horse someday, but I'm glad
I don't have to travel by pony express on my Waddle Tour!

Other highlights of my Scottsdale sightseeing were the trolley bridge at the Waterfront and the LOVE sculpture on the Civic Center Mall. Can you see little old me in the "L?" My new friend Jose is perched atop the "O."

Oh, yeah, one of the big things going on in Arizona now (besides the waddle) is Cactus League baseball. A whole bunch of major league teams come out here to the sunshine for spring training. The San Francisco Giants play at Scottsdale Stadium.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm in Paradise!!

Welcome to Paradise Valley!

Today, I met my new foster family -- the Moores. They live in Paradise Valley, which is a little town between Scottsdale and Phoenix. (Phoenix is where Holly brought me last Saturday for the AZBHR's Waddle O' the Green.) I'm still kind of pooped out from all that fun, so we took our first day together resting and getting to know each other.

The Moore household is run for the convenience of their two Bassets, Lizzy and Mr. Darcy. They really thought I smelled good! Lizzy is kind of bossy, but Mr. Darcy told me just to do as she says, and we'll all get along fine. Mom won't let her get too rough with us boys. Notice, Mom, that I remembered my manners and presented my belly when meeting a new, bigger dog. They were very nice to me. They are named for characters in foster mom Sherry's favorite book, Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

Lizzy and Darcy have a big yard that is just for them, but they share it with lots of wildlife. There are desert cottontails, an occasional coyote (who always runs away), and more birds than we could count -- quail, grackles, doves, owls, hawks, oh my! They can be noisy. Interestingly, these beautiful basset hounds, bred for centuries to hunt rabbits, peacefully co-exist with the rabbits. Well, Lizzy says they leave snacks for her, but I think that's kind of gross. I guess it just proves that we bassets get along with everyone.

Tomorrow, my foster family and I are going out to do some sightseeing, so I will have more pictures and a new report for you soon. I miss you, Mom, but I am having fun!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

An Irish Farewell

The weather in Tucson turned cold and rainy (I hope the cold weather didn't follow me from Wisconsin), so we had to stay inside. I'm told the temperatures will be back in the 80s later this week.

Shamrocks, a leprechaun and me! I'm not exactly an Irish hound--but I'm definitely lucky!

Holly, my Tucson foster mom, celebrated St. Patrick's Day while reminding people to recycle. Pretty kewl, huh!

I'll miss you Holly. I'll never forget that you introduced me to DRAGONS!!! It was FUN!

Wendell at the Ostrich Ranch

I met the most extraordinary creatures when we stopped by Picacho Peak. The had long legs and no ears again... they sure do have some unusual "pups" here in Arizona.

I didn't have pay to get into the ranch (humans do).

The donkeys acted like they might nibble on me. (My mom used to say I could be stubborn as a donkey -- after meeting these guys, I think that's a nice compliment!)

My foster mom Holly wouldn't let me get too near the ostriches, for my own safety.

I was nose to beak with the lorikeets though. They didn't have any ears either!