Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wendell--Wanted in Alleged Biscuit-Napping Scandal

News Flash Antelope, California -- A stand-off is taking place at the home of Max and Mr. Wiggins, where a visiting foster pup (purportedly the world-waddling hound Wendell U. Flopbottom) has taken the entire inventory of Mr. Wiggins Woofn' Treats hostage. The alleged biscuit burglar claims that they are all HIS HIS HIS and is threatening to devour the evidence unless he is named the official taste-tester of all future batches.

Max and Mr. Wiggins appear unconcerned (they're snoring actually) and have been encouraging pawtential patrons to continue ordering (proceeds benefit Golden Gate Basset Rescue), assuring everyone that shipments will resume promptly once the dispute has been resolved. See the Wiggins Woofn' Treats Site for all ordering details. Crumbs at 11.

I Made It to Northern California

I've arrived at stop #4 on my tour -- Antelope, California. It's cooler than I'd imagined it would be in California, but my new foster family has greeted me quite warmly. Max and Mr. Wiggins gave me a good sniffing and declared me friendly...

...but that was before I discovered the stash of Mr. Wiggins Woofn' Treats! Homemade biscuits for the discerning hound, baked by my foster mom Jamie as a fundraiser for Golden Gate Basset Rescue. YUMMMMM. More later... must go see about a job as a Taste-Tester!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Big Brown Truck & Proceeds "Pupdate"

Wendell is still riding in the big brown truck on his way to stop #4 on his Waddle Tour! He says the driver is nice, but he's sure gonna be glad to arrive in Antelope, California, tomorrow!! He heard that his foster mom was busy baking Mr. Wiggins Valentine Woofn' Treats (a fundraiser for Golden Gate Basset Rescue -- check out the Woofn' Treats Site for all ordering info), and he's hoping to be the official taste-tester!! There are two flavors to choose from: Mr. Wiggins's Cheese & Garlic Biscuits and Max's Woo Doggy Peanut Butter Biscuits. Of course, Wendell believes they should add Wendell's Woofalicious Chicken Biscuits... but he's willing to sample the others before he argues his case!

In between daydreams about homemade biscuits, he's also happy to report that his earning for senior basset rescue total more than $700 thus far! That's a lot of kibble currency! Of course, he's an ambitious boy, so he's hoping to do even better. He's still seeking fan club members for his January Waddle-Gram (visit his Firstgiving pages for full details and sign-up information). He's feeling a little forlorn with only 20 fan clubbers to date... but there's still time left to boost that total. Join the fun and support senior basset rescue now!!

Last Call for January Waddle-Gram

Don't miss a moment of the fun! Right now, Wendell is riding in the big brown truck, on his way to his next foster family in Antelope, California. But you don't have to miss out on his adventures. Even more great stories and photos will appear in Wendell's January Waddle-Gram, exclusively for Wendell's Waddle Tour Fan Club (WWTFC) members. And there are still two days left to sign up and receive the very first edition! For a minimum $15 donation directly to House of Puddles or Senior Houndsabound, WWTFC members receive a Pawtographed Glossy Photo of Wendell, an Official Lifetime Membership Certificate (authorized by Wendell himself), a Wallet-Size Membership Card, and a 2008 Wendell's Waddle Tour keepsake (sure to become a collector's item among basset crap aficionados). PLUS members receive Wendell's monthly Waddle-Gram e-newsletter with fun photos and tales not included on his blog.

So sign up NOW to receive the full 12 months of Waddle-Grams... at $15, that's a mere $1.25 a MONTH! What a bargain!! And it ALL goes to support basset rescue! To sign up, visit either of Wendell's Firstgiving pages (you can donate via Paypal or check also -- but all instructions and the all-important sign-up link are included on the Firstgiving pages): (for HOP) or (for Senior Houndsabound).

Thanks for helping the homeless hounds and supporting one plush pup's waddling dream.


Wendell's travel secretary

Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Star-Studded Day

I was truly California dreamin' today. It was a star-studded day!! The forecast was for rain, but it dawned sunny and beautiful (shows you what those weather people know), so we headed out to take in the sights!!

We started out visiting Knotts Berry Farm (an amusement park), where I met super-celeb Snoopy, and then we ventured to the Disneyland Hotel -- where Goofy as well as Chip & Dale all wanted to have their photos taken with ME. I was completely awe-struck, and they seemed so excited to hear about my waddle dream. It was truly incredible!

I can't stop wagging from all the fun (brunch at the Disneyland Hotel was pretty yummy too) ... I can't believe how much fun I've had with my foster mom Diane. And her sweet pupster Alice Ann is a real cutie pie! I'm really going to miss her (Tyler too) ... maybe she'll paw to me when I move one...

Friday, January 25, 2008

California Livin'!

I think I LIKE IT here in California. They sure know how to whine (er, wine) and dine a plush pup in style! My new foster family took me out to a fancy dinner, and we had lobster bisque and crab cakes and all sorts of tasty foods I've never tried before (wonder what other delicacies my slave has been hiding from me?)! I was treated like royalty, even though we were supposedly there for the two-legger Meredith's birthday. But she wanted to spend it with ME ME ME -- I feel so special!

In the lobby of the restaurant, I met another basset too. He was very handsome, but he seemed a little cold and stand-offish. Maybe he just gets nervous around new dogs.

When we got home, Meredith had another surprise for me... a great big cake. She gave me a HUGE piece all to myself, and it sure was yummy! I can't wait to see what's in store next!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Trip ... to the Shelter

Where did I leave off in my Pasadena tales? Oh yes, my trip to the Humane Society. I was a little nervous when we turned in the drive I must tell you, but my foster mom was just taking me for a VISIT. Really! She volunteers there, and it was a very nice place. Of course, I gave a pep talk to the poor pups who are seeking forever homes. I let them know that it happened for me, and hopefully they'll find that pawfect match too. If anyone in the Pasadena area is looking for a nice companion pup, there are a number at the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society who would make excellent forever friends! I can pawsonally vouch for them!!

My visit with Speedy and Ted went by SO fast! I can't believe it's time to move on already... but there are so many hounds and hound-lovers to meet on my 2008 basset boondoggle, I dare not dawdle. So I'm packing up and heading to Placentia, California... stay tuned for my further adventures! And wish me luck as I head out in the big brown truck...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My FIRST Big Waddle!

I'm one pooped plush pup. I had the most amazing time at my very first big basset waddle on Sunday, and I can't thank Ted and Speedy (as well as their slaves, Nancy and Dave) enough for showing me such a good time. The DooDah Parade is a Pasadena tradition for Basset Hound Rescue of Southern California (check out their site for more information on all the sweet dogs in their care). In this outrageous event, hundreds of hounds march from Memorial Park through the streets as the Hallelujah Chorus plays (accompanied by a proper basset baritone "ahrooo," of course).

It was a beautiful day... and I got to picnic on the grass with all my new hound friends. Speedy's slave e-mailed my mom about our fun day: "We tried to get Speedy and Wendell to dress up, but nothing fit a small 1-lb basset--and Speedy is a nudist and was indignant that we even tried. We actually walked next to the parade (not in it) as the noise scared Speedy, and he was shaking. No worries -- Wendell tried his best to get him to calm down. We were happy to support rescue and the seniors." Hmph. Me and Speedy weren't scared a bit -- we just know that a hound gets the best snacks from all the kids on the parade sidelines!!

I was a great ambassetdor for senior rescue too. Speedy's mom said that while some people were confused to see a plush pup among all the big bassets, "after explaining that he was waddling for the House of Puddles and Senior Houndsabound, they quickly asked for more info." Isn't that great?! I'm a spokes-basset for my vintage pals! My mom says she's asked a friend to make business cards that my fosters can hand out when people ask about me and my mission. She's going to have our Fan Club volunteer mail them out to my next foster family. I'll be a pretty posh pup with my own business cards, don't ya think?

(Big basset yawn.) Well, I'm pretty tired from all this excitement. I'll post more tomorrow about my visit to the local humane society... but that's a story for another night. I think I need to nap a bit and rest up!

Move over Ted.

Friday, January 18, 2008

My New Friends -- Ted & Speedy

It was a LONG journey, but I finally made it all the way to Cal-i-for-ni-yay. And my foster brudders greeted me so nicely. Speedy gave me a good sniffing.

Ted is a kinda big fella -- with abnormally short ears -- but he's very sweet and gentle. He says he hasn't been feeling too good lately. I think he was glad I arrived to play with Speedy and give him a chance to relax...

But of course, a growing plush pup needs his nourishment -- I'm sure I can eat it all.

More later -- after I've had my supper!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

May I Come Inside?

Wendell has been delivered to his first foster family in California!! He's on the front porch -- just waiting to come inside and play!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Mayor Grants Me the Key to Bassethoundtown

I'm so proud! Prior to my departure from Bassethoundtown, Mayor Chaps bestowed upon me the key to the town (I think it opens the treat cabinet... yummm!). I am very excited to be headed west to my inaugural waddle (the DooDah Parade in Pasadena), but I shall truly miss Cat, Chaps and Emma. They showed me the BEST time! But I will keep in touch with them on my travels... for now, I'm off to "California or Bust"! Wish me luck!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ice Cream, RVs and Dog Parks, Oh My!

I had the BEST day with Cat, Chaps & Emma yesterday! First, we went to check out the latest RV models (I am a traveling hound after all). I was impressed by the selection. There were several that would make nice pooch-mobiles, and I even got behind the wheel to give one a spin (well, a virtual spin anyway).

Reaching the pedals was a little tough, so I decided to let Cat do the driving while I served as co-pilot! I think I like being chauffeured! Now THIS is the way to travel.

We also visited the dog park and stopped for ice cream... this is surely hound heaven!

It will be hard to leave Bassethoundtown, but I'm looking forward to my very first Waddle too. Gotta rest now and store up my energy for my next great adventure.

Friday, January 11, 2008

My First Stop -- And I Meet the Mayor!

Hurrah! I arrived in Bassethoundtown today ( -- and what a greeting! The beautiful Emma welcomed me.

I was extremely honored when the Mayor himself said "hello" also. I think he liked me... well, I think so...

but then again... maybe he just thought I'd make a tasty morsel...

No, I think he approved. He offered to give me a formal Bassethoundtown send-off... what a hound! He gets my vote!

I can't wait to see what adventures Chaps and Emma have in store for me before I set off on my boondoggle. A wonderful "foster family" has volunteered to host me for the DooDah Parade ... so my Waddle Tour is about to begin. I'm so excited to begin my adventures.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Packed and Ready to GO!

I'm packed and ready to travel! It's hard to imagine my journey is about to begin. Today, I'm heading out from my home to Bassethoundtown (, where I'll spend the weekend before officially beginning my adventures. It seemed like the perfect starting point -- Mayor Chaps can give me a proper send-off!

BUT I still need someone to host me for the DooDah Parade in Pasadena on Jan. 20 -- is there no one who can help out a petite plush hound and support senior basset rescue at the same time?? I'm well behaved. I don't shed at all. And I'm fully housebroken (that puddle last week was caused by Mom over-watering the plant -- I swear!).

If you can help a poor, traveling hobo basset... please e-mail me at!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

My Dream... to Waddle across America

I long to see the waddling world... to do what no hooman has done before and paw my way to every rescue waddle from coast to coast in 2008.

My New Year's resolution is to waddle my way across America, stopping to meet my fellow hounds and hound-lovers while raising awareness about the plight of homeless hounds. I hope to raise some much-needed funds too -- for my favorite senior rescue organizations, including Senior Houndsabound and House of Puddles.

But I need your help -- would you consider fostering me for a few days so I can achieve my dream? I'm perfectly housebroken, rather compact for a basset (only 16 inches long), and I never shed!

Because my caretaker has a silly thing called a J*O*B, she can't escort me on my travels. So I’m seeking kind dog-lovers who will host me for a few days: show me the sights of their area, taking photos to share with my friends and fans on my blog; introduce me to their family (furry and otherwise); and take me to their local rescue events. And there will be ample time between waddles to see some of the great national sights (fire hydrants, bakeries, grassy spots, etc.) -- so I'll be seeking kind souls to guide me during these non-waddling times as well.

Would you consider being my foster family for a short time and promise to:

  • E-mail stories and pix of my travel adventures so they can be uploaded to my travel blog. I’m quite petite for a basset (I weigh only a pound), and I love to ride in the car, so I’m easy to take along to local sights, events and rescue activities.

  • Take photos of me (with your family, at your home, in your town, at rescue events) for my blog and fan club newsletters – either e-mailing them to my e-mail ( or mailing them to one of my trusty helpers who have offered to scan and upload them (all information can be e-mailed to you if needed).

  • Send me on my way -- via Priority Mail (approx. $8-$9, unless souvenirs are added to my baggage) -- when my travel agent e-mails with my next foster family’s mailing address. It’s very important that I travel Priority (a houndie can get lost in the mail otherwise) and that I am shepherded on my way when the time is right so I don’t miss any impawtent rescue events.

  • Most important: Make a tax-deductible donation of at least $20 to either Senior Houndsabound or House of Puddles. I will be setting up a Firstgiving page, but in the meanwhile, donations can be made: via Paypal directly from either rescue's website: or OR by check (made out directly to the rescue and sent to the address on their respective sites. Whatever method you choose, please be sure to indicate that the donation is for Wendell's Waddle Tour.
In return, each devoted foster will receive (in addition to moi of course):
  • My eternal gratitude and an official “I Waddled with Wendell” keepsake (sure to become collector’s items in the most exclusive basset crap collector circles).
If you could find it in your heart to sponsor a poor stuffed hound and help him achieve his dreams (while supporting vital rescues), please e-mail me at Please be sure to indicate the dates you are able to escort me.

Thank you!