Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Rainy Ramble

Even though the weather wasn't ideal for BROOD's Xtreme Ramble today... I still had a blast! A little wet stuff wasn't going to dampen the spirits of BROOD's die-hard supporters. People came, bid, played and bought -- all to support the homeless hounds.

I got to hang out with Marilyn of HOP (she brought sweet Billy) and my foster mom Melynda, along with my foster sisters Lilly and Becky. I had a great seat for all of the fun. My former foster mom Susan was also there. I'll share more stories and photos tomorrow -- but I'm one pooped plush pup. Gotta rest up from all the excitement.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Let's Get Ready to Ramble!

I arrived safe and sound in Washington, DC, this week -- in preparation for my next big waddle, the BROOD (Basset Rescue of Old Dominion) Ramble on Saturday!! My foster mom Melynda is super-nice -- and she's been taking great care of me (despite being rather tired after all the excitement around the birth of the HOP puppies this week).

I've been hanging out on top of Lucien's pawprint memory box (because my foster sisters Becky and Lilly, and now my foster cousin Ztyx, the black Russian terrier, can't reach me up there). It was peaceful (and safe) on my little perch -- but now we're off to do some exploring before heading to House of Puddles for the night. I'm SO excited to meet Marilyn and all the HOPpers!! I've heard so much about them. I hope they'll like me! And then tomorrow we're OFF to the Ramble! YIPPEE!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Few More Mishgun Memories

Look at all the people I met during my House on Wheels journey ... and see how happy they look to support my tour!! Basset people are THE BEST! I'm not good with hooman words and names (it all sounds the same -- except for T*R*E*A*T and S*U*P*P*E*R and W*A*L*K*I*E*S), but the ladies definitely love me (though I'm a guy's guy too)!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


The beautiful senior gal April (of HOP) had her buppies today! Two BIG chubby boys!

The first little bugger was born about 9 am, weighing in at 1 lb 3.8 oz (and very active). The second boy is all black and 1 lb 4.4 oz! Speculation is that the daddy may have been an Australian Shepherd! Buppies and mom are being fostered by one of my foster moms -- Gail! So I know they'll be SPOILED ROTTEN (just as it should be).

Big thanks to Grandma Marilyn for helping us into this crazy world so lovingly... she may be devoted to tending the seniors, but she's pretty good with the bupsters too! We love you Grandma!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Traveling in Style

As you all know, I recently traveled to the Mishgun Waddle with KING Bob the DOg in the house on wheels. It was a WILD journey. Check out my pawsonal accommodations...

I had the best seat in the house (on wheels)! Had to navigate of course!

Bob the DOg is my idol... I told him all of my waddling secrets... but I know he won't tell anyone. We're best buds! All hail King Bob!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

House of Puppies???

Everyone knows my waddle tour is dedicated to helping the senior houndies who are abandoned at the first hint of age or infirmity. Well... as many of you may know by now... the House of Puddles (dedicated to providing a wonderful, loving, forever home to unwanted seniors) recently welcomed a new senior who brought a few surprises with her!

April (an approx. 12- to 13-yr-old seized from a hoarder) was brought to HOP about 5 weeks ago... apparently she did NOT come alone. Surprise Marilyn ... She is pregnant! Your first teen mother!

Despite arriving grossly underweight and with skin/coat issues, Miss April is going to be a momma! So House of Puddles is now... House of Piddles? House of Puppies? Definitely a House of Love!

If you'd like to support Marilyn and the LAST buppies sweet April will need to worry about, please donate via my HOP Firstgiving page or via Paypal or check (if you indicate it's for Wendell's Waddle Tour on behalf of April, maybe they'll consider naming one of the widdle buppies after MOI ... a plush pup can but dream).

We're thinking of you Grandma Marilyn and Momma April! Sending drool for a healthy, easy birth for our senior gal!

My Visit to Flushing, MI

I have had fun with Daisey Mae this week even though her Daddy had to work. Knowing how worried my mom always gets about me, we went to Riverside Animal Hospital for a check-up.

They are very nice people and have cared for Daisey Mae for years and were the Royal Veterinarians for Queen Sadie Sue before that. They gave me the AOK on my health and are displaying all my literature to help educate people about Senior Basset Rescue, the House Of Puddles and Senior Houndsabound.

When I was hungry, we went to a new place that had just opened up a week ago -- Doodle Dog Bakery in downtown Flushing, Michigan.

Today I head out to Washington, DC -- to my next foster stop. I'll be heading to the BROOD Ramble on May 31 and hope LOTS of people will come out to waddle with me!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Big Pawrade

Some were worried about the weather on Sunday, but we houndies knew it wouldn't DARE rain on our Pawrade!!! We'd been stompin' NO RAIN!

I got my picture taken with Candyland's Margarita (Maggie), who was the inspiration for this year's MBR Waddle t-shirt.

Then the fancy stuff! I got to ride in the Royal Carriage with King Bob the doG and Queen Olive and their hoomans.

The pupparazzi were everywhere! I don't know how Sir Bob does it... having adoring fans snapping your photo is hard work!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More Mishgun Fun

Daisey Mae let me use her Daddy's 'puter so I could check in pawsonally.

I had a very fun weekend at the Mishgun Waddle. On Friday, I went to the auction with Bob the Dog and watched him become King and Olive become the Queen. After that, I got to meet Daisey Mae and her hooman John. They are taking very good care of me and escorted me to the off-lead picnic on Saturday.

Someone also asked where I was bought and how much John paid for me. John explained to them that I was not purchased -- that I was on a mission to help Senior Houndage, and we gave them my business card.

I also shopped the merchandise tables to help the hounds of Mishgun and other rescues.

AND I surfed the counter at the "Sit, Stay Cafe" and scarfed down a couple of Waddle Burgers. Mmmmm, but they were good.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Sad Sad Night... but Sweet Sweet Memories

I am one sad pup tonight. One of my kindest, dearest cyber furends, Blueberry, made her journey to the Bridge today. I know that Blueberry is now healthy (she had been battling a nasty disease for several months) and running free with Duchess, but her slave is crying and missing her special furend this evening. There are no words to heal her heart at this sad time, but I am sending plush pup prayers that she remembers the wonderful times with her Blueberry -- and that with time these thoughts help her smile again when she thinks of her sweet girl.

Slinging healing drool to Beth -- and wishing Godspeed to Blueberry!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Mishgun Memories

I had SUCH a grand time at the Great American Waddle! My foster mom Kathy is traveling back with His Highness King Bob the Dog Sir! I'm sure she'll be sharing pix and stories after she is safely back at the castle...

Meanwhile, my former foster mom Beth captured some great shots of my adventures... I was so happy to see Pw. Annie and Queen Olive again!

The Pawction was FUN FUN FUN! I wanted to bid on everything! But my mom forgot to pack my credit card. Whassup with that? The royal carriage was AMAZING!! Check out King Bob's great royal robes and crown! I was so proud to waddle with REAL royalty!

Long live the Queen too -- she's pwetty in pink!!!