Monday, April 28, 2008

More from Boardwaddle 10!

The fair Fifi was scheduled to escort Wendell to Boardwaddle. But on her way from Fwance she arrived in Orly and had so much bling that they wanted to strip search her. This brought on a terrible case of the vapors, and she had to stay home on her fainting couch. But she asked the Waddling Pwincesses from Ohio to escort Wendell for her. And they did!

Auntie Susan handed me off to my new foster mom Beth at the Basset Olympics, where I checked out Blue Berry Hill, which is where the Grand Marshall of the Boardwaddle is crowned. It's also part of the obstacle course. My new foster sister, Pw. Annie, welcomed me so sweetly.

I also met Auntie Sherrilyn, slave to Pw. Jacques! She came all the way from Columbia! I met Pw. Olive too!

I was one pooped pupster after the Olympics and slept right through the Pawction (also, I was sorta scared they might pawction me!). More tomorrow from the actual parade and picnic -- it was AMAZING!!!

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