Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Canine Cheesehead

I spent my last day here in Milwaukee.

The foster mom took me to work and even let me work on her computer for a bit. She also took me outside to see what they make at her work, and boy are they big!

I checked out the very, very, very large rock crushing plant. The foster mom works in the office, not with any machinery, but still, this plush pup looked awful tiny up there on that big machine.

As a final treat, the foster mom took me for one last souvenir. No trip to Wisconsin would be complete without my very own cheesehead!!!!! Turns out the company that makes them is headquartered right near where the foster mom works, so we paid a visit.

I tried on a few different kinds.

The cornhead was too big for me.

I also got to wrap my lips around a very tasty cheese frisbee.

In the end we found a cheesehead made just for little ones like me.

I'm going to miss Wisconsin and my foster mom, Nicole. Thanks for showing me SUCH a grand time!!

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