Sunday, April 6, 2008

My Visit to the Miller Brewery

From Harley Davidson, the foster mom took me to another Milwaukee landmark and institution -- Miller Brewery!! Don't worry Mom, I promise I was as behaved as an under-age pup should be!!

I got to see the cases all stacked up and ready to ship. There are a lot of steps that go into making beer - I had no idea!

I saw kegs and barrels and vats for fermenting and brewing.

I got to go for a quick ride on a conveyor system -- I was afraid they were going to box me off and ship me out! Wouldn't that have been a surprise for some unsuspecting drinker out there?!

I also made friends with some very nice people in the visitors center who agreed to take a picture with me in front of Miller's famous Girl in the Moon logo. The guy in the picture had just been outside and mentioned that a "big version" of me was out in the parking lot! My foster brother Flash had come with for the ride, and foster Grandma Judy was walking him near the parking lot. Flash was a little offended that someone called him big and reminded us that he's "big boned."

We also got to see the original brewery that Frederich Miller started so long ago. It's such a little house! I can't believe he made such a big company from something so small. We also got to see the caves that they used to store the barrels in while they fermented and waited to be drunk by people all over. Since they didn't have refrigerators back then (who knew?), they dug a cave and put ice in them to keep the barrels cold. It was chilly but dark down there. And really, really cool! What a history lesson.

You'd think that would have counted as a full day -- but my foster mom had even more planned for me. Wait til you see what else I did ...

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