Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wendell Gets a Dental?

Well, I'm here in Florida still, but I have a new foster family. Wendie took me to meet them yesterday, and we hit it off right away. My foster mom, Candy, is super-nice, but I'm really smitten with my new foster sisters, Isabella and Sophia. They have been showing me all around.

I was a little tired when I first arrived, so Isabella and I snuggled up for a nap. Today, Isabella had to go to the dentist, so I tagged along to keep her company. We got to watch TV waiting for our turn with the dentist. Yay, cartoons!

I was there for moral support... but wait, he's checking my teeth now! Uh oh, maybe I shouldn't have eaten so many treats. I tried to hide behind the sunglasses, but I don't think the dentist was buying my disguise.

Since we were BOTH so good at the dentist, Isabella and I got to go shopping for goodies at the local Publix store! Hmmm, Sophia fits in my travel box! Wonder if she wants to join me on the rest of my travels!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Time for a Massage

I've been working SO hard here at Senior Houndsabound that my foster mom Wen said it was time for a little petite pup pampering. She said she'd made an appointment for me to get a massage. I wasn't sure what that meant, but she made it sound nice!

It turns out the massage therapists Marcia and Laura are also fan club members. They were super-nice, so I knew I was in good hands. Everyone knows we bassets have delicate backs...
so Marcia helped me work out the kinks.

But the EAR MASSAGE was the greatest! I'm definitely in hound heaven!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Wendell, General Contractor???

So much exciting stuff happening here at Senior Houndsabound. They are expanding the house... so naturally they enlisted my help in supervising the construction work.

Ricardo (the contractor on the job) and I collaborated on the plans. He's a great guy -- and very knowledgable! I gave him four paws up!

But I still had to inspect things... they had a great new tub for the pups. It looks pretty nice, but I'm not a big fan of baths (they wash off all the good smells).

I gave the crew a break and got to work tamping down the dirt for the new front portch. Hey, this is kinda fun! Ride em Wendell! But the best part was trying my paw at the big front-loader! Out of the way, here I come!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fun Times in Florida

You know, the best part of being a traveling hound is meeting all the great rescue people and pups from coast to coast. I hit the jackpot here! I got to have dinner with Ralph of Ozark Mountain Basset Rescue and Kathy Peacock of Suncoast Basset Rescue (the Sweetheart Waddle was one of my first big events -- I had a BLAST). And of course Wendie, grand mistress of Senior Houndsabound! We had such a nice time together. Basset people really are the best!

The Bounders were very welcoming! They're really all very spry for seniors! I think some lied about their age so they can enjoy life at Senior Houndsabound.

Scooter recruited me to help with guard duty. That's a sacred basset job, you know. I got to meet the lovely Dallas too -- sigh. I'm smitten.

Jacob is a great guy. He really knows how to relax and enjoy the good life.

I went shopping with Pat to make sure she got the good stuff (she let me pick out treats)! Afterward, Bert let me share his couch!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Helpful Houndie

I've been visiting Senior Houndsabound in Florida, where my foster mom, Wen, cares for a house FULL of senior pupsters (and you know I LOVE the seniors). But I'm a hard-working hound, so I couldn't spend all of my time lounging around... I had to get to work. So off I went with foster mom Wen... and boy is her workplace FUN!

There was a little trouble with the copier, so I offered to have a look! Look out! I've got a screwdriver! I checked all the gizmos and jam spots. Yup -- all working fine here.

I thought I should test the copy you see THAT was why I offered to magnanimously photocopy my derrière. Looks like it's copying fine to me! (And that's one fine butt shot too, if I do say so myself.)

After a busy day at work, a pup needs a good meal, so we stopped by the local Chinese restaurant for a bit. Those chopsticks are gonna be a problem...

More later from this hard-woofing hound visiting with the Bounders...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Basset Boys Will Be... Basset Boys

Guess where I am now?? At Senior Houndsabound in Florida!! They are having some construction work done on the house, and I am supervising! PLUS I'm celebrating... I have passed the $1,000 fundraising mark for Senior Houndsabound (though I know we can do even better, so please keep those donations coming). Woo-hooo!!

So naturally I had to find some way to let me fur down and pawty (okay, I learned a little raucous behavior in Las Vegas... and Johnny Mathis shared a secret or two with me as well). Anyway, here ya go... time to guess what this is a photo of.

Here's a hint -- I went to work with Wendie Prince, mistress of Senior Houndsabound... so I had to keep myself busy at the photocopier... Hey King Bob Sir, do you think this shot could make it in your famous calendar??? (P.S. SOOOO glad to hear you are on the mend -- I am trying to live up to all you taught me).

More later from all the Bounders down in Florida...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Barbecue, Poker & Sunbathing... Life Is Good!

After all the big 4th of July excitement, I needed time to unwind a bit. So on Saturday, July 5, my foster family had a BBQ in MY honor! How kewl is that!

I hung out with my foster dad and Jess, who made me feel like one of the family.

Since it was a holiday, I figured one beer wouldn't hurt. Then I learned how to play poker! I had a winning streak!

Maybe I should have stopped at ONE beer! Hey, what happened to all those chips I won?! Guess I didn't learn enough in Vegas!

Jess seemed a little disappointed with my drinking and gambling (I wasn't really drinking Mom, honest!!)! I discovered the best way to sleep it off... sunbathing! This California lifestyle is pretty nice!! I really miss my foster family -- they were great!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

My 4th of July Adventures

I never got to share pix and stories of my adventures at the Golden Gate Basset Rescue 4th of July Waddle! Those California canines sure know how to pawty! So here's what happened...

First, my foster mom Addy welcomed me warmly in Fremont, California. She let me rest up before the big day.

Jess (my foster sister) thought I was a very interesting little hound. Then the rescue Foster Coordinator Cindy Marsh picked me up and took me to a sleepover at JoAnn Beebe's house -- for the pre-Waddle party.

Look at all the basset salt and pepper shakers! I think Auntie Cindy was testing me. Since she's the Foster Coordinator, I thought maybe she wanted to see if I was a good foster houndie or not. She put this funny bottle next to me... but I never touched it, honest!

Look, it's a house on wheels!! I know all about these! It's always a good time when you get to stay in a house on wheels!!

On the 4th, we had a really early start and traveled to the picnic field (at the end of the Waddle route) where we needed to set up. It was a BEAUTIFUL day! The perfect 4th of July!

I had my own place on the display tables so I could watch everything that was going on. It was fun hanging out there... but then everyone disappeared. They forgot me!! A plush pup gets no respect. But that was okay ... I stood guard!

I got a lot of attention and handed out a few business cards. I love getting photos with my fans! The waddle was a huge success!

More later from my big Independence Day weekend in California!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Fond Farewells...

I loved my weekend with the Aunties. Aunties Pat, Carol, Amanda & Sharon all took great care of me.

Rosie let me share her crate. She's a very sweet senior and cousin to Pwetty Cakie. She wasn't feeling well, so I tried to cheer her up. We had a nice cuddle and nap!

Then it was time to take Auntie Dawn to the airport. Whew! This time I don't have to go through TSA!

I needed a drink before leaving the airport. And a bite. Bridgette, the nice waitress loved me! She introduced me to her mom, Mary Lou, who also worked there.

Kiss Kiss! The buttons of Melba Toast and FEQ Feyfey came from Aunt Sandy Gaston when I was in Seattle. The black pin was from Auntie Lynn Hagge in Vegas. Good Bye Auntie Dawn! We'll always have Vegas!