Sunday, April 20, 2008

Crashing Bogart's Birthday Pawty (& Wine Tasting)

After shopping and lunching in Middleburg on Saturday, we ventured to Herndon, Virginia, where I got to meet two of my foster brudder and sister's bestest furiends: Emme and Diesel.

Emme took quite a liking to me. Diesel tried to eat me... but I think he was just playing. After all, he's a sweet rescue pup like me!

Then we headed off to the Wine Seller, a local wine store owned and operated by Bogart (at least it seemed as though he was in charge--and he is the official "party meister" and "food hound"). It was his 11th birthday -- so they were throwing him a big pawty! He did most of the singing...

But we all got to enjoy some wine and cake. Bogie may be an elder statesman, but he sure isn't showing it. He was a terrific host -- with excellent taste in wines, food, fun and friends!! Maybe he'll invite me to his pawty next year too!

After the party, we went to the store next door, Crystalis, where a very nice lady gave me a spiritual reading. The tarot cards said I was a kind houndie with a promising future. I think she also saw many bellyrubs in my future!! Treats too! Hint. Hint.

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