Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Hallmark Moment

Wendell's foster mom, Jeane, writes: Sunday we took Wendell to the Hallmark card museum and visitors center. Kansas City is the home of Hallmark. Wendell had a great time.

He liked the quilt made by Hallmark workers
for the nursery at Children's Mercy Hospital.

We looked at all the Hallmark Ornaments on 10 trees.

And we saw the Emmy won for Hallmark Hall of Fame.

Wendell is always cuddling up to the ladies
at the various places he has been. They all love Wendell. He saw Maxine from the Hallmark cards and had to pose with her.

Sunday afternoon we watched the Kansas Game. It was really exciting. Wendell was
cheering for the Jayhawks and has become an avid fan.

Sunday night we read the Wizard of Oz.
All the dogs really enjoyed the book -- they were so attentive. Nighty night puppies!

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