Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wendell Meets Rosie of OMBR!

As if the BHRA Bash wasn't enough, my foster mom really showed me the sights!! After the Bash, she took me to meet Rosie, famous momma to the OMBR pups).

First, I had to stop and smell the flowers in Rosie's front yard... Then I met Rosie!!! Ain't she purdy? She's a perfect hostess, though she did nibble my hat and try to Wendell-nap me. Good thing she has those toys to eat instead of me!

Then Miss Kaylee joined the fun using her ramp. I had to check out the ramp too, of course, and meet Miss Abby, Rosie's older sister! Abby had a few things to tell me while Kaylee kept a watchful eye on everything.

I have LOADS more photos -- but I need a little nap. All this Southern hospitality makes a boy sleepy. Gotta go snuggle with Kimme Sue, Chloe Grace and Lola. It's a tough job being the man-hound of the place, but I'm up to it!

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