Sunday, April 6, 2008

Big Bad Biker Basset -- Bad to the Bone

Oh my goodness did this plush pup have a whirlwind day! My foster mom took me all over the city to see the big landmarks and all the sights.

Our first stop was at Harley Davidson. These cool bikes have been made in Milwaukee since 1903. The factory is here as well as one of the biggest dealerships ever. Since it was a Saturday, we visited the dealership to get some history, checked out the bikes and then I explored my inner biker pup!!

The people at Harley were SOOO nice. They loved hearing about my quest to help the senior hounds, and Brooke, the marketing coordinator, was so helpful in finding us some great photo opportunities. She even started up a bike for me so I could hear the grrroowwll of the engine myself!

There was so much jean and leather to buy, I was tempted to overhaul my wardrobe. I found a pretty cool outfit that I think says "Bad to the Bone."

Putting on that leather hat brought out my inner baddie, and I just had to show off on a custom Thunderbird chopper -- made from all Harley parts. I felt like the Biggest Baddest Biker Basset in the land. I was tempted to buy the whole outfit, but the foster mom pointed out that if I bought the leather hat, I couldn't also wear my visor. Plus, I didn't want to intimidate the other hounds.

While there, I tried out a few different bikes and even found some plush friends. One of them even let me ride piggy back on the back of his "bike!"

As we were walking back to the car, we saw this HUGE bike in the parking lot, and being the inquisitive pup that I am, I couldn't resist getting a view from the top. On a gorgeous day like today, I couldn't help but want to hit the open road!! But we had to move on because the foster mom had another stop planned!

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