Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wendell Meets Johnny Mathis (Really!)

WOW! What an evening...

I knew it was going to be a special evening, so I wore my special bow tie. We're going to hear Johnny Mathis and the Pittsburgh Symphony with Auntie Pat! Auntie Carol was there too, along with Auntie Amanda and Auntie Dawn.

Ah!! I remember Mathis from Vegas!

This was a big night -- and it was a special occasion too. Auntie Pat is turning...well, having a birfday. So we had an incredible dinner (
I know onions are bad for dawGs, but not for plush pups)! And of course we had CAKE!

How much is the doggie in the window? Priceless.

Johnny Mathis was a very good sport! Thanks for letting me hang out backstage, Mr. Mathis!

It was an INCREDIBLE evening. I hated to see it end... but we had SLOBBERFEST the next day, so I guess it had to.

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