Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Slobbery Good Weekend....

I had a great time in Pennsylvania over the weekend... it was SLOBBERFEST!! Brie, Sadie and Bailey were there with Auntie Amanda. Babe too (she has such beautiful eyes). Pw Xandy Bear even donned a very fetching hat!

I met Shirley Mueller of Droopy too!

Auntie Amanda and I shared breakfast, and Sharon gave me a cuppa Joe. Meanwhile, Auntie Dawn dispensed liver treats to Pw Xandy, Bailey, Sadie, Babe and Huggy.

Foster mom Pat was generous with treats too -- and all the hounds were quick to gather around. (including Sadie, Jane, Xandy Bear, me, Babe, Brie, Bailey, and Huggy Bear)

Auntie Dawn and I shared a moment to relive some of our secret adventures from Vegas!

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