Saturday, July 19, 2008

My 4th of July Adventures

I never got to share pix and stories of my adventures at the Golden Gate Basset Rescue 4th of July Waddle! Those California canines sure know how to pawty! So here's what happened...

First, my foster mom Addy welcomed me warmly in Fremont, California. She let me rest up before the big day.

Jess (my foster sister) thought I was a very interesting little hound. Then the rescue Foster Coordinator Cindy Marsh picked me up and took me to a sleepover at JoAnn Beebe's house -- for the pre-Waddle party.

Look at all the basset salt and pepper shakers! I think Auntie Cindy was testing me. Since she's the Foster Coordinator, I thought maybe she wanted to see if I was a good foster houndie or not. She put this funny bottle next to me... but I never touched it, honest!

Look, it's a house on wheels!! I know all about these! It's always a good time when you get to stay in a house on wheels!!

On the 4th, we had a really early start and traveled to the picnic field (at the end of the Waddle route) where we needed to set up. It was a BEAUTIFUL day! The perfect 4th of July!

I had my own place on the display tables so I could watch everything that was going on. It was fun hanging out there... but then everyone disappeared. They forgot me!! A plush pup gets no respect. But that was okay ... I stood guard!

I got a lot of attention and handed out a few business cards. I love getting photos with my fans! The waddle was a huge success!

More later from my big Independence Day weekend in California!

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