Sunday, July 13, 2008

Last Weekend's Sojourn to Stanford University

Yesterday, I had a wonderful time at Slobberfest!! So much fun, in fact, that I've needed the day to recover! While my terrific foster family & friends are also recovering (and downloading their photos), I thought I'd share some of the images from last weekend, when I was in California for the Golden Gate Basset Rescue 4th 0f July Waddle. I'll share the waddle pix shortly, but I also visited Stanford University while I was there (I'm quite the wise woofer, you know).

I checked out the famous Burgers of Calais sculptures by Rodin and wandered around the Quad... You can see my keepsake pin from the GGBR Waddle on my visor -- and the Hoover Tower in the background!

There were lovely flowers -- such a tranquil place to contemplate a plush pup's place in the universe. I stopped at the Memorial Church for a rest. Then I took a stroll (er, waddle) along the Quad arcade.

All that waddling and touring made me hungry! So I sampled the "Death by Chocolate" with my pal Dan. (Of course, chocolate is very bad for dogs, but being a plush pup, I enjoy a wee bit of license).

I'll be sure to share pix from Slobberfest AND from the GGBR 4th of July Waddle shortly -- but right now I need to nap. I've been SO busy lately -- and I'm having SO much fun! Thanks to all the kind hoomans and hounds who have come out to greet me on my travels!

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