Monday, July 21, 2008

Basset Boys Will Be... Basset Boys

Guess where I am now?? At Senior Houndsabound in Florida!! They are having some construction work done on the house, and I am supervising! PLUS I'm celebrating... I have passed the $1,000 fundraising mark for Senior Houndsabound (though I know we can do even better, so please keep those donations coming). Woo-hooo!!

So naturally I had to find some way to let me fur down and pawty (okay, I learned a little raucous behavior in Las Vegas... and Johnny Mathis shared a secret or two with me as well). Anyway, here ya go... time to guess what this is a photo of.

Here's a hint -- I went to work with Wendie Prince, mistress of Senior Houndsabound... so I had to keep myself busy at the photocopier... Hey King Bob Sir, do you think this shot could make it in your famous calendar??? (P.S. SOOOO glad to hear you are on the mend -- I am trying to live up to all you taught me).

More later from all the Bounders down in Florida...

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