Monday, July 14, 2008

My Pennsylvania Adventures

I've been visiting with my foster mom Pat Dill this weekend. We had a grand time at Slobberfest, but FIRST she took me with her to work and showed me around a bit.

She works at Westinghouse, where they make parts for nuclear fuel assemblies. I learned that this is what a a nuclear fuel assembly looks like. She promised me that it wasn't really radioactive.

She let me hang out in her office. Hey, look! Auntie Pat has a Daily Drool calendar! I tried to help with some of her work, but her desk is so cluttered with paper that I didn't have room to move the mouse.

I did get to play on the computer quite a bit (wonder if she'll notice the doggie treats I charged to her MasterCard?). I was just getting rested up for my big adventures at Slobberfest!!!

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