Monday, July 7, 2008

My Secret Adventure

Everyone knows by now that I'm a pretty clever canine... and that I am pretty good at keeping secrets (right, mom!?). But I can only now reveal my secret foster trip. I was on a secret mission of sorts, and I'll now share some of the details. It all started one dark and stormy night... okay, it wasn't really stormy... and it wasn't exactly night, but I'm setting a mood, so just go with it...

When I emerged from my travel crate... I was a little worried. This placed looked really serious! I feared I might be in trouble, but it turned out my secret foster mom is a lawyer. Hmmm, that might come in handy soon.

She took me to a BIG airport -- I like to fly! I got my very own seat. And when I landed, I saw lots of slot machines at the airport! Can you guess where I am??

Then it was off to pick up the rental car. The agent was real nice. I think she liked me (all the ladies do). We then drove straight off for Mexican food (a wandering woofer has to keep up his strength).

Finally, it was time for bed. Tomorrow I'll reveal more of my super-secret mystery tour stop.

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