Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Helpful Houndie

I've been visiting Senior Houndsabound in Florida, where my foster mom, Wen, cares for a house FULL of senior pupsters (and you know I LOVE the seniors). But I'm a hard-working hound, so I couldn't spend all of my time lounging around... I had to get to work. So off I went with foster mom Wen... and boy is her workplace FUN!

There was a little trouble with the copier, so I offered to have a look! Look out! I've got a screwdriver! I checked all the gizmos and jam spots. Yup -- all working fine here.

I thought I should test the copy you see THAT was why I offered to magnanimously photocopy my derrière. Looks like it's copying fine to me! (And that's one fine butt shot too, if I do say so myself.)

After a busy day at work, a pup needs a good meal, so we stopped by the local Chinese restaurant for a bit. Those chopsticks are gonna be a problem...

More later from this hard-woofing hound visiting with the Bounders...

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