Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Sad Sad Night... but Sweet Sweet Memories

I am one sad pup tonight. One of my kindest, dearest cyber furends, Blueberry, made her journey to the Bridge today. I know that Blueberry is now healthy (she had been battling a nasty disease for several months) and running free with Duchess, but her slave is crying and missing her special furend this evening. There are no words to heal her heart at this sad time, but I am sending plush pup prayers that she remembers the wonderful times with her Blueberry -- and that with time these thoughts help her smile again when she thinks of her sweet girl.

Slinging healing drool to Beth -- and wishing Godspeed to Blueberry!

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beth said...

Oh Wendell, my sweetest, sweetest boy, what an incredibly moving surprise that was to see your tribute to my Blueberry on your blog. You have no idea how much that means to me. You are so loving and thoughtful, and understanding of how empty my heart is -- and your kindess fills up some of that aching emptiness.

I just don't know how to thank you. But since you are so sensitive and caring, I think you already know how this has touched and helped me.

I check your blog a couple of times a day for updates, always enjoying following along on your journeys, and when I saw your loving tribute and candle, I just started to cry, and wished that I could hold your dear plushness tight in my arms.