Monday, May 5, 2008

Who's Your Momma???

Wendell's mom here... It has come to my attention that some devious detective Droolers have been trying to sniff out my identity (hee hee hee). Several people repawted much speculation at Boardwaddle, with pawsibilities being debated and discussed over meals. Of course, Wendell was listening carefully and delighted in telling me that no one was even close when he called home.

My boy is sneaky -- he was taking notes on everyone's wild guesses. A few tried to bribe him with treats for a clue... and the savvy slaves went straight for the "good stuff," offering my boy some of their milkshake for a hint!

Rumor has it that some even tried to ply a certain DD moderator with liquor to loosen her lips (cause they think she knows) -- but she wasn't talkin' (mum's the word, huh Auntie Sandy?). Bwahahahaha! Keep sniffin' for that secret ...

Of course, if Wendell were to meet his fundraising goal (he only needs another $288 for Senior Houndsabound to meet his goal), he might be willing to offer up a clue...


Wendell's mystery mom

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