Saturday, May 24, 2008

House of Puppies???

Everyone knows my waddle tour is dedicated to helping the senior houndies who are abandoned at the first hint of age or infirmity. Well... as many of you may know by now... the House of Puddles (dedicated to providing a wonderful, loving, forever home to unwanted seniors) recently welcomed a new senior who brought a few surprises with her!

April (an approx. 12- to 13-yr-old seized from a hoarder) was brought to HOP about 5 weeks ago... apparently she did NOT come alone. Surprise Marilyn ... She is pregnant! Your first teen mother!

Despite arriving grossly underweight and with skin/coat issues, Miss April is going to be a momma! So House of Puddles is now... House of Piddles? House of Puppies? Definitely a House of Love!

If you'd like to support Marilyn and the LAST buppies sweet April will need to worry about, please donate via my HOP Firstgiving page or via Paypal or check (if you indicate it's for Wendell's Waddle Tour on behalf of April, maybe they'll consider naming one of the widdle buppies after MOI ... a plush pup can but dream).

We're thinking of you Grandma Marilyn and Momma April! Sending drool for a healthy, easy birth for our senior gal!

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