Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mishgun or BUST!

WOO-HOO!! I made it to Bob the Dog's!!! I'll be joining him in the house on wheels to Mishgun. I can't wait to see what fun/trouble we'll get into!!

Meanwhile, my mom said folks were curious about all the great souvenirs and stuff in my luggage. So she had my mementos sent back home (cause it was getting HEAVY hauling around all the great items people bought for me). Some of my fosters were mumbling stuff about high postage... don't know what that means, but I am enjoying have a little more room in my travel crate (it was getting really cramped in there).

Anyways, here are some pix of the terrific souvenirs I've picked up so far...

My first bandana (Wells Fargo) got so heavy with kewl buttons that my fosters had to take it off me (I kept tipping over!). And look at my hip wardrobe! I've got hats and shirts and socks and all kinds of haut canine couture (whatever that means). And you should see all the great paper paraphernalia (tickets and brochures and maps, etc). My mom will post pix of that stuff soon too. Gotta go now, my buddy Bob the Dog is gonna show me how he became such a chick magnut!! I'm takin' notes!

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