Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More Mishgun Fun

Daisey Mae let me use her Daddy's 'puter so I could check in pawsonally.

I had a very fun weekend at the Mishgun Waddle. On Friday, I went to the auction with Bob the Dog and watched him become King and Olive become the Queen. After that, I got to meet Daisey Mae and her hooman John. They are taking very good care of me and escorted me to the off-lead picnic on Saturday.

Someone also asked where I was bought and how much John paid for me. John explained to them that I was not purchased -- that I was on a mission to help Senior Houndage, and we gave them my business card.

I also shopped the merchandise tables to help the hounds of Mishgun and other rescues.

AND I surfed the counter at the "Sit, Stay Cafe" and scarfed down a couple of Waddle Burgers. Mmmmm, but they were good.

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