Sunday, May 4, 2008

Secret Photo Stash from Boardwaddle...

Wendell's foster mom Amanda unloaded the camera and found the secret bedroom photos from Saturday night at the BoardWaddle. Wendell joined her at the Castaway dinner and stayed with her and her roommates Saturday night. Wendell tried out each bed to find just the right snoozing spot.
First he tried the pull-out sofa, where Auntie Ilene and Charlie were sleeping. But Ilene isn’t used to more than one dog in a bed.

Then he tried out Janey’s bed, which she shared with Amanda. But Amanda and Janey both snore, so Wendell thought he would have trouble sleeping.

He next tried out Brie’s bed, which she shared with Auntie Sandy. Brie and Wendell had a long beddy-bye talk, discussing the day’s events and Wendell’s travels. Finally Auntie Sandy asked them to "shut up"so she could go to sleep.

After all that, Wendell decided that the traveling box that Auntie Susan had made was going to be best. It was quiet, dark and very comfy. The room finally fell silent, except for Amanda and Janey’s snoring.

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