Friday, March 28, 2008

Worried over Wendell

Wendell's mom here... our boy gave me quite the fright today. The US Postal Service online tracking indicated that my Wendell had arrived at his next destination, but when I checked with his new foster mom Jeane, he was nowhere to be found! We were both anxious that Sir "W" had gone for a "waddle-about" on his own.

He turned up this afternoon in his foster family's mailbox (only one day later than the Postal folks declared), so all is well. Though his foster mom did report that he seemed a bit miffed (his visor was down over his eyes, and he appeared to be glowering a bit over his travel delays).

How that waddling woofer makes me worry! I'm hoping the rest of his adventures in Kansas will be less stressful!

Wendell's worried mom

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