Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter Basset

Happy Easter! Today we went to the First Service of Easter at North Scottsdale United Methodist Church. I was a very good boy in church, Mom. I met some really nice people, including my new friend Riley, who had brought her flowers to decorate the floral cross.

Today is also Mr. Darcy's birthday! My foster mom Sherry says she can't believe he's seven already.

He got a big birthday cookie that he didn't have to share and said I was the perfect birthday guest, since I didn't want any of it! He knows how to pawty -- cookie, then nap. His big birthday cookie came from his Aunties Julie and Roberta, at the Gourmutt Bakery Company. It looked yummy! Julie and Roberta work with the Golden Retriever Connection rescue here in the valley.

I am still enjoying the Arizona sunshine. It's almost 90 today, no humidity, PAWFECT!

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