Saturday, March 1, 2008

Wendell, the History Buff (er, Wuff)

After visiting the vet yesterday, I felt like a new pup. So we went to the James Madison Museum, where I even got to sit in President Madison's Campeche chair. It was his favorite chair and a gift from his good friend Thomas Jefferson. I was very honored -- no one else is allowed to sit in that chair, but Stephanie and her mom said it was okay cause President Madison probably had basset hounds anyway. And if he did, they'd surely have sat in that chair too!

I also saw Dolly Madison's favorite gilt mirror and noted that I'm a pretty handsome hound. There was a pretty cool buggy too. My ears would have been flappin' in the breeze riding in that big wagon.

Wait til I show you the super-kewl place we went NEXT. Oops, that'll have to wait til my next entry. They're feeding the chickens, and I gotta go supervise. Stay tuned for my next repawt from Virginny.

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