Friday, March 7, 2008

Plush Paternity Allegations...

It had to happen. A plush pup enjoys a LITTLE celebrity, and the allegations start flying ...

An adorable wee plush pup by the name of Lil Bit has "hinted" that a certain World-Waddling Woofer might have ... well... enjoyed a furry fling while visiting the Suncoast Waddle last month.

"You are my Hero, the Great Waddle Traveler!
I want to grow up to be just like you. My Mom was a Plush Basset at the Suncoast Waddle in the rescue store tent. Are you my Daddy?"

Okay, I admit there is a small resemblance (he's quite the handsome houndie, isn't he?), but I'm an honorable pupster. Really! So I had a few too many mojitos in Key West ... and I admit those plush puppettes on the Suncoast Basset Rescue merchandise table were cute ... but my mom says I was tutored years ago. Honest!!

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