Friday, March 21, 2008

Fun in the Arizona Sun

We went to the Casa de Paz y Bien, or House of Peace and Goodness. It's known as the Franciscan Renewal Center. Did you know that St. Francis is the patron saint of animals?

The wildflowers are especially lovely this spring because Arizona had such a wet winter. During the year, the casa has lots of activities for us animals, including adoption events and the Blessing of the Animals. We are always welcome there.

After that we went to the Barry Goldwater Memorial. He was Paradise Valley's most eminent resident.

I got to see one of those big cactus up close again, too. The memorial park looks toward Camelback Mountain, which doesn't have any real camels but kind of looks like one lying down. Makes a petite pup feel pretty small!

Next we visited downtown Scottsdale. Did you know that every year, the Pony
Express riders still carry the mail out here? The Hashknife Express covers 200 miles, from Holbrook to Scottsdale, delivering first-class letters. This statue is in honor of their 50th ride, which was in January. I think I might like to ride a horse someday, but I'm glad
I don't have to travel by pony express on my Waddle Tour!

Other highlights of my Scottsdale sightseeing were the trolley bridge at the Waterfront and the LOVE sculpture on the Civic Center Mall. Can you see little old me in the "L?" My new friend Jose is perched atop the "O."

Oh, yeah, one of the big things going on in Arizona now (besides the waddle) is Cactus League baseball. A whole bunch of major league teams come out here to the sunshine for spring training. The San Francisco Giants play at Scottsdale Stadium.

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