Sunday, March 2, 2008

Wendell, the Lion Tamer

A waddling hound's work is never done. I've been so busy since arriving with my foster family in Burr Hill, Virginia.

I was made a junior deputy by the Orange County Animal Control Officer. She said I could make sure all the houndies were getting treated well in this town

And I visited the animal shelter, where I gave a little pep talk to all the critters looking for forever homes.

We went to a place called Rikki's Refuge too. It's a place for lots of unwanted animals,
not just houndies. That black kitty seemed to really like Stephanie!

They do have lots of cats though, but they seemed to be pretty friendly to me. I sniffed out a few cousins too. They enjoyed hearing about my adventures.

More later -- gotta go help Stephanie. It's her birthday this weekend, so I'm helping her celebrate!

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