Sunday, March 23, 2008

Rock Climbing for K9s

Don't panic, I didn't fall off the climbing wall! Fooled you, huh? I went with Sherry to a cool place called Arizona on the Rocks. It's an indoor climbing gym, and they made a nice donation to Arizona Basset Hound Rescue's Basset Ball. That's why Sherry and I were there -- to pick up the gift and thank them for helping the homeless hounds. The ball is not until September, but the AZBHR volunteers work year-round to help make it a big success. I was happy to do my petite part. The folks there knew about AZBHR, but I got to educate them about senior basset rescue, too. Sigh, a rescuer's work is never done.

My dream is that someday all bassets will have forever homes, no matter how old they are or what challenges they may face. Wouldn't that be GRAND?

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