Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wildlife in Key West... er, Wild Life in Key West...

I'm learning SO much about night life here in Key West!! They sure know how to pawty and have a good time.

I visited the Key West Aquarium, where they have lots of cool water critters. They're very pretty, but they don't know anything about bellyrubs. Silly fishies!

Then I stopped by a place more to my liking. I visited with Jimmy, and he taught me about this funny drink called a Raspberry Mohito! It wath kinda tathty, but me cants feel my flews...

Afta that mahita thingy, I decided I'd make a good salsa dancer.

I saw a talented tight rope walker too.

Sunset was beautiful! There's nothing like the reflection of the sun setting over the water... I like Key West!

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