Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Foster Family

I'm such a lucky houndie! My foster mom is SO nice to me. And she understands that I'm a fun-loving hound with a serious side too.

This is me with my foster mom Christine. She's clearly very smitten with me, but it's mutual, so that's okay.

This is my foster brudder Edgar. He's a senior houndie just like the ones I'm fundraising for --
except he has a SUPER forever home. He's one lucky pup!

Christine took me to visit the Key West AIDS memorial. Her uncle is listed there. I was sad for her, but then she reminded me that so many wonderful people are commemorated there. It's a very serene and beautiful place.

Her uncle is Carroll John Sledz. She told me what a kind man he was. I was honored to visit and share in his memory. I think I'd have liked him a LOT.

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