Friday, February 8, 2008

My Whirlwind Day in Florida

Greg (my current foster dad) and I went to the city park today. I was a very well-behaved houndie. We met a lot of people, and I got lots of pets and bellyrubs. Greg handed out some little cards [Wendell's very own business cards that explain his mission], but I was too busy sniffin' stuff to see what was on them.

I decided that I like sitting on the dock...

I barked and barked, but the big statue guy would not pet me!

I don't think the manatees can run very fast....but I bet I could catch one!

Pelican Island is the nations first wildlife refuge... founded in 1903.

I saw the sign for the town where Greg and Robin (my current fosters) live, but I haven't seen any grouches yet (despite what it says).

They have this funky painted turtle statue in the city park.

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