Friday, February 22, 2008

Order (or Was That Ahrooo?) in the Court

Boy did I have an exciting Friday! I spent the day in court! No, I wasn't in trouble (honest, mom!). I went to work with my foster mom, Christine. I was an honorary legal beagle (er, basset)!

The Lester Building is where Christine works as a prosecutor with the State Attorney General's office. (Uh, oh -- guess I'd better behave now!)

I got to hang out with Christine's trial partner, Casey (shown with me in front of the Mile Marker sign, the beginning and end of Route 1).

Everyone was so nice. Christine's legal assistant, Erica, is the best!

I even got to go to court! Of course, I had to pass through security first.

I'm an honest houndie, I swear, but Deputy Marty Harbin showed me how the Taser works (it was just a demo, I promise). No hounds were harmed!

The Honorable Judge Peary Fowler invited me up to the bench at the conclusion of court. It took more than 3 hours, but I loved watching Christine in action.

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