Thursday, February 28, 2008

Funny Looking Hound

I arrived in Burr Hill, Virginia, yesterday, but my foster mom, Gail, wasn't home. The nice postman left a note, and she is going to pick me up this morning (she only lives a short distance up the road). So I've been relaxing at the Post Office Hotel (the accommodations are okay, but they need to work on room service). I had a good snooze and have been dreaming about everything I'll see here in Virginny. My foster family has all sorts of funny looking houndsies... check out the one with the pretty girl houndie in the photo. She's named "baby goat" -- and her ears look properly soft and floppy, but those legs are definitely too long and skinny. My new foster sister, Penny, is certainly giving her a good sniffing...

I can't wait to meet all the different "hounds" here -- I'll post about them later. Gotta go get those postal workers moving now. Wonder if they have breakfast ready yet??

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