Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My FIRST Big Waddle!

I'm one pooped plush pup. I had the most amazing time at my very first big basset waddle on Sunday, and I can't thank Ted and Speedy (as well as their slaves, Nancy and Dave) enough for showing me such a good time. The DooDah Parade is a Pasadena tradition for Basset Hound Rescue of Southern California (check out their site for more information on all the sweet dogs in their care). In this outrageous event, hundreds of hounds march from Memorial Park through the streets as the Hallelujah Chorus plays (accompanied by a proper basset baritone "ahrooo," of course).

It was a beautiful day... and I got to picnic on the grass with all my new hound friends. Speedy's slave e-mailed my mom about our fun day: "We tried to get Speedy and Wendell to dress up, but nothing fit a small 1-lb basset--and Speedy is a nudist and was indignant that we even tried. We actually walked next to the parade (not in it) as the noise scared Speedy, and he was shaking. No worries -- Wendell tried his best to get him to calm down. We were happy to support rescue and the seniors." Hmph. Me and Speedy weren't scared a bit -- we just know that a hound gets the best snacks from all the kids on the parade sidelines!!

I was a great ambassetdor for senior rescue too. Speedy's mom said that while some people were confused to see a plush pup among all the big bassets, "after explaining that he was waddling for the House of Puddles and Senior Houndsabound, they quickly asked for more info." Isn't that great?! I'm a spokes-basset for my vintage pals! My mom says she's asked a friend to make business cards that my fosters can hand out when people ask about me and my mission. She's going to have our Fan Club volunteer mail them out to my next foster family. I'll be a pretty posh pup with my own business cards, don't ya think?

(Big basset yawn.) Well, I'm pretty tired from all this excitement. I'll post more tomorrow about my visit to the local humane society... but that's a story for another night. I think I need to nap a bit and rest up!

Move over Ted.

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Bob said...

wow Wendall you are my HEro..I can't wait to play wif you. You will be so famos from going to all the waddles...it looks like Speedy and Ted were gud hosts..

Yur furend
BOb the DOg