Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Trip ... to the Shelter

Where did I leave off in my Pasadena tales? Oh yes, my trip to the Humane Society. I was a little nervous when we turned in the drive I must tell you, but my foster mom was just taking me for a VISIT. Really! She volunteers there, and it was a very nice place. Of course, I gave a pep talk to the poor pups who are seeking forever homes. I let them know that it happened for me, and hopefully they'll find that pawfect match too. If anyone in the Pasadena area is looking for a nice companion pup, there are a number at the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society who would make excellent forever friends! I can pawsonally vouch for them!!

My visit with Speedy and Ted went by SO fast! I can't believe it's time to move on already... but there are so many hounds and hound-lovers to meet on my 2008 basset boondoggle, I dare not dawdle. So I'm packing up and heading to Placentia, California... stay tuned for my further adventures! And wish me luck as I head out in the big brown truck...

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