Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Big Brown Truck & Proceeds "Pupdate"

Wendell is still riding in the big brown truck on his way to stop #4 on his Waddle Tour! He says the driver is nice, but he's sure gonna be glad to arrive in Antelope, California, tomorrow!! He heard that his foster mom was busy baking Mr. Wiggins Valentine Woofn' Treats (a fundraiser for Golden Gate Basset Rescue -- check out the Woofn' Treats Site for all ordering info), and he's hoping to be the official taste-tester!! There are two flavors to choose from: Mr. Wiggins's Cheese & Garlic Biscuits and Max's Woo Doggy Peanut Butter Biscuits. Of course, Wendell believes they should add Wendell's Woofalicious Chicken Biscuits... but he's willing to sample the others before he argues his case!

In between daydreams about homemade biscuits, he's also happy to report that his earning for senior basset rescue total more than $700 thus far! That's a lot of kibble currency! Of course, he's an ambitious boy, so he's hoping to do even better. He's still seeking fan club members for his January Waddle-Gram (visit his Firstgiving pages for full details and sign-up information). He's feeling a little forlorn with only 20 fan clubbers to date... but there's still time left to boost that total. Join the fun and support senior basset rescue now!!

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