Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ice Cream, RVs and Dog Parks, Oh My!

I had the BEST day with Cat, Chaps & Emma yesterday! First, we went to check out the latest RV models (I am a traveling hound after all). I was impressed by the selection. There were several that would make nice pooch-mobiles, and I even got behind the wheel to give one a spin (well, a virtual spin anyway).

Reaching the pedals was a little tough, so I decided to let Cat do the driving while I served as co-pilot! I think I like being chauffeured! Now THIS is the way to travel.

We also visited the dog park and stopped for ice cream... this is surely hound heaven!

It will be hard to leave Bassethoundtown, but I'm looking forward to my very first Waddle too. Gotta rest now and store up my energy for my next great adventure.

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