Sunday, August 3, 2008

Wendell Visits DISNEY WORLD!!

Can you believe it? I got to go to the Magic Kingdom!!! I had the BEST time!

At the Polynesian, they gave me my very own lei! I rode the Monorail with Isabella too.

I saw Minnie Mouse -- and had to gaze into her big bahrootiful eyes. And I met a fellow woofer who was being trained as search and rescue dog!

I decided to ride the trolley -- do you think they'll let me drive? Hey, Goofy and I really do see eye to eye!

It was hot in that Florida sun, but my foster mom Candy helped me get a nice cool drink! Candy is the best!

I decided I HAD to ride a horse after all! I was a little nervous, but Sophia kept me company so I wasn't afraid. Then I went on the Magic Carpet Ride.

When I walked off of Peter Pan's Flight, I won a year of a million dreams. They gave me special mouse ears to prove it. I might just wish to stay here forever!

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